Sweet sundress shit and pee on the floor with LittleDirtyPrincess

happy in my new sundress, but I desperately have to poop after holding it for a 2 hour car ride! I wink for you and then sit on the ground and lift my leg to play a bit with my hole. but then I start to pee and it is like a fountain coming out that will not stop! I eventually stop and put the remainder into the toilet. Then comes the moment. I lift my leg and spread both holes for you to release a nice, wide smelly load. It is such a work of art with different varieties of poop in the pile! Some hard and dark small pebbles are the strangest part for me, have never seen anything like it from me haha. I had a weekend full of good food. I am extremely creamy after seeing this great pile.. So I rub my clit a bit as well

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