Recognize Mistress by her shit’s flavor! with MilanaSmelly

It was an ordinary day. Mrs Christina, Yana and Karina was enjoying and resting. As usual, I was serving my Mistresses. I was licking their feet, then I ate their spitting and drank Christina’s urine. At some point, Mistresses became bored and they decided to have fun and find out, how well I know them. The task for me was not easy. I had to guess with closed eyes, whose shit I am eating. It was a very unusual feeling. The task was difficult, but very pleasant for me. I made a few mistakes, because the shit of all three girls was amazing. Seeing the difference was difficult. I had to not only try the girls shit, but also eat it completely. I coped with this, because eating the shit of beautiful girls has become my pleasant duty and I’m always ready to do that.

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