PrincessPoo – poo desperation – Shit on leather jacket

I’m at my friend’s house. Unfortunately the lounge door handle has come off at the other side of the door and I’m stuck at her house alone! I phone her and ask how long she’s got going to be. A whole hour! I need to go to the toilet! I hang up and try to distract myself! I walk up and down! Stick my fingers up my arse and try to push the turd back up. I try sitting on the couch and play candy crush! I can’t concentrate! I Google how to hold my poo! Apparently I need to clench my arse cheeks! I try but it’s no good! It’s coming out! I phone my friend again to try and hurry her along. In the end I have an idea! My friend is so houseproud and if I poo anywhere in the room she’ll kill me! Problem solved! I take off my leather jacket and place it on the coffee table! I’ll just throw it in the bin when I get out! Nice satisfying shit!

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