Odd Disgusting Desperation Shit_Hemorrhoids with MyPetiteAss

I’m naked and feel embarrassed because really really need to shit. It’s not a joke it’s like I can’t hold it part. I just barely set up my camera and clench my ass to not shitting right away. I’m sitting on my heels and I wiggles holding my ass by hand then I just relief on myself quickly between my barefoot shoot a big odd disgusting and stinky turd. I just keep pushing a bit more of shit until my hemorrhoids being visible, winking few times and pissing on the pile and bring the cam close up to present that disgusting shit on the floor. Then get back for some more anal fingering play deeply in my juicy ass fingers playing make it stretch even more and while I do some dirty talk about how badly you wanna sniff me and cum on all over on my ass I let you cum for me. Video is feet focused!

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