Miss Medea Mortelle – He is my Shit Hole and my Toilet Paper

I put my slave on a leash and tell him to worship my ass with kisses. Soon I want more: Now he has to lick my asshole. This always makes me want to shit. For him to be a good toilet, I jerk him and tie off his cock, until it is hard. There it is time to stop, because toilets are not allowed to cum, before they consumed everything. Then I sit right on his face with my delicious booty. I instruct him to seal his lips around my asshole. In this way, I will make him catch everything! After I pooped right into his throat, I motivate my toilet with dirty talk, eye contact and pushing fingers. I use plenty of tricks on him. First, I try to flush some of the poop with a smoothie. Then, I make him keep the shit in his mouth with a ballgag. In the end he will swallow all of my shit. Of course my toilet has to lick my asshole clean afterwards again. It´s the first time that I capture this pervy cleaning on video!

File name:Miss Medea Mortelle – He is my Shit Hole and my Toilet Paper.mp4
File Size: 1.23 GB
Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Duration: 00:17:35

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