Madam Director Lola – No People Food Allowed

I am training my sweet little human stray. As a good little pet, he must stay locked inside a cage, and of course, he is not allowed to eat any people food. Everyone knows that people food absolutely spoils and ruins a pet. I want him to be obedient! I wake my little caged stray for his morning breakfast by rattling the cage. I prepare for him my specialty. He watches, very alert and hungry. When breakfast is ready, I open the cage door and let him lap from his wide bowl and eat from the ground near my high-heeled feet. My good little pet eats it all up. I praise him and scratch his soft hide. When it has finished its meal, I order it to return to its cage. The training is working. My pet submissively returns to the cage, and I shut the door. I warn it to obey me, or I will absolutely neuter it. I will return later for another feeding. It better keep eating it all.

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