LindzyPoopgirl – Shit Smeared and Squirting

I have been trying to hold my poops in as long as I can, to the point that I am pooping in my undies by the time I turn my camera on. I have been squeezing my butt cheeks together trying to hold the messy turd in my asshole, and there are skid marks and shit smears on me already. I get into position on my belly with my legs together and struggle to pull down my undies while still keeping my poops inside me.

I finally get comfortable to release, and it feels sooo good coming out of me. It’s a hot, warm mess on the back of my thighs. What starts out as a decent sized log, turns into a runny lumpy mess; shit is everywhere. I open my thighs to let the turd and the puddle that followed it run down the insides of my legs. I smash my legs together even more to spread it around. I flip over on my back and open wide, showing you my shit covered fucked hole. I am getting so hot and horny as I take what is left of the log and place it just above my cunt. I then make myself squirt all over!

I am not done though, the real orgasm is coming, and I need to play in my shit mess more. I take the log and smear and rub it all over my pussy, letting clumps of shit fall down me, covering up my cunt even more with thick shit. Now it is time to really play with my clit. I cum again, squirting even harder, managing to rub shit all into my pussy and still squirt through it with a clean stream of pussy juice.

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