Jana Bella’s Special Edition Chocolate Milkshake with JanaBella

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Only to be found in Select Jana Bella Chocolate Factory breakfast&cafés in your area – get your hands on your own cuppa while stocks last!
In this video, the highest-ranking official store representative of the International Jana Bella Chocolate Factory provides you with a top quality demo of how our current bestseller is made.

(Anyway, to say it in straightforward terms: I mix you a yummy and refreshing chocolate milkshake in my booty and bring it closer to you so you can admire my masterpiece in detail.
Also, it was a great idea, shooting it in 4k quality! Even if you zoom in a whooole lotta for amazing closeups of the mixing and “exporting”action, the vid quality is gonna stay awesome tried and tested by yours truly

File name:Jana Bella’s Special Edition Chocolate Milkshake with JanaBella.mp4
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Resolution: 3840 x 2160
Duration: 00:04:52

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