Farting and Pooping In Black Leather Pants with cleopatra

I got a sexy pair of tight black leather leggings! They hug my ass so tightly! I am going to fill these leggings with my farts and my shit! I start by letting out some nasty stinky farts. They cling to my ass, unable to escape the tight material. I love feeling my farts bubble out of me! I can feel the warmth against my pussy as they try to get out of my tight leather pants! I love smelling my stinky farts! They are so nasty! I breathe them in deeply and cough at the stench! Now it’s time to fill my legging up with my poop! I grunt and push as I try to get my turds out of my ass. The leggings are so tight that it is hard to push my poop out! I keep pushing and soon my shithole starts to open up! I push the turd out of my ass but it has no wher

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