DirtyBetty – video is for you bitch

I suggest you imagine for a second what would happen between us if you were my thing! So, we are starting! «A special video for my old humiliated and lowered bitch, I hope that you choke on my shit because you are a complete jerk, you deserve only contempt. You will lick my shit from my dirty street shoes, and wipe my ass with your tongue after my husband finishes there! I will watch you choke on him with sperm while I piss on your face, you will smile like a finished little bitch through tears, but I will fuck you with a hammer, right in your wet hole, you will lick my heels and say thank for i get you to touch my divine excited body! Well, while your mistress is not at home, I suggest you sit and masturbate like a bitch on my huge and stinky pile of shit that I cooked for you shit mixed with anonymous sperm and anal lubricant, I hope you choke on this shit because you’re a complete whore!This video has no sound, as I do not respect you and want you to hear your excited breathing and masturbation sounds jerking off on my videos! If you finish fast enough, I’ll stick my smelly sock in your throat bitch! Go ahead»

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DirtyBetty – video is for you bitch.mp4

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