Cosmic Girl Summer – MASSIVE 5 Day Load In My Faux Leather …

Cosmic Girl Summer – MASSIVE 5 Day Load In My Faux Leather Leggings

I turn my ass to the camera to unload a MASSIVE 5 days worth of poo into my skin tight black leather leggings. I reach inside my pants pull out the first incredibly dense, monster sized poo ball and then squish it in my palm. It has a nice clay-like consistency. I then give you a nice close up shot of the hot mess I just made. I reach back into my leggings to retrieve the 2nd, equally massive poo ball in my other hand. I smear some on the front of my leggings and rub my pussy hard with my shitty hand leaving a few really nice thick streaks of poop on my pants. I turn my ass back to the camera and with both of my hands full of my stinky poo I smack my ass leaving poo all over the ass of my pants. I pull my pants down and stick a finger in my shitty hole. I pull my pants back up, take an extra deep breath and inhale all the lovely smells emanating from my hands. I give my stinky poo hands a quick lick before waving good bye!

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