Ass full of cucumbers, it’s fun, delicious with Mistress Natalia Kapretti

Now I know for sure “Full of ass cucumbers” this is a real proven practice, very pleasant to the eye and not only. I took cucumbers and decided to check how many will fit in the ass my slave husband. Here is the first one entered, rather not even entered but flew in and hung out there freely, the second one settled next to him and fixed him in place. The third and fourth entered on either side. And finally the fifth already with difficulty pushing the walls of ass, expanding them to the maximum. Beautiful, green bouquet of cucumbers sticks out of his ass, it’s wonderful. And since I’m got in this ass, I need fuck him. Cucumbers slide smoothly and easily in the ass back and forth. One of them popped out covered in shit. My slave again did not wash the ass for Mistress. Ass is slurping, shit is squeezing out, I’m excited by the sight and smell. I need to fisting this dirty, shitty ass fucked up. O, yes, how much shit immediately I squeezed out, I like it so much, I feel so good. I can’t resist the sight and smell of it, I want to taste cucumber with shit on it. How unusual, what savory aftertaste, I will eat this cucumber in the shit and continue to fuck this ass with my fist. How I love fucking my slave husband in the ass with shit. I not be greedy and leave cucumbers with shit for my slave girl Maya for dinner when she comes

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