AinaraX – Climbing on chairs, anal dilator, visible soles

View from below. I raise each leg on a chair, with them extended and the soles of my feet bare and visible in front of the camera. So.I quickly drop all the soft, creamy, stinky shit oops! how it smells!🙊😬🤫 I had a lot of fiber for breakfast, like every day. and wham! it never fails! 😅 it’s a quick shit, it comes out very easily and I don’t have to make any effort. Then I sit on the floor facing forward and play with the pile of shit next to me and a dilator rod made of transparent pink glass and a flower-shaped stopper. I put it in and take it out of my hole many times and I also wet it in the poop and then I put it in, fill it with poop again and put it back in. I repeat it several times. it hurt a lot little while putting it in, I haven’t practiced anal in a long time and I’m not used to putting things in my asshole. so it hurts. but it’s also satisfying a mixture of both. Enjoy seeing how I wink many times my ass and it fills me all with poop! In this video I am completely naked and natural, without makeup.

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AinaraX – Climbing on chairs, anal dilator, visible soles.mp4

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